A Kansas Republican is seeking to roll back a pro-gun law that passed 4 years ago.


Via Fox 4 News:

The clock is ticking until Kansas’ colleges, hospitals, and libraries have to start allowing people with guns inside. The Personal and Family Protection Act passed back in 2013, but allowed public institutions four years to prepare.

But a bill will be introduced Tuesday that could overturn key parts of the law.

“The fact that those who were exempted, none of them went ahead and put guns on their campuses is very significant, they clearly don’t want it,” Mission Hills Republican State Senator Barbara Bollier said.

Sen. Bollier backs a bill that will be introduced in committee this week that would extend exemptions indefinite to public places that aren’t in favor of guns.

A recent survey throughout the University of Kansas Regents System conducted by Fort Hays State University showed approximately 70 percent of students and faculty were against having guns on campus.

Some KU students who really don’t want guns on campus said Monday if everyone else could have one, they might have to consider it.

“I was thinking about getting a gun, it’s still weird having a gun, I don’t feel comfortable with me carrying a gun,” Nicolie Ceban said.

“My dad was telling me about it and he wanted me to take a gun class when I went home for Christmas break,” Morgan Treftz said.

Original supporters of the 2013 bill wanted to put guns in the hands of citizens in the event of a mass shooting. But Bollier argues the cons far outweigh the benefits.

“The more guns you have the more gun violence there is and we need to curb gun violence,” Sen. Bollier said.

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