Unsurprisingly, another Australia native came to America to lecture us on gun control, this time from her platform as a columnist at the Boston Globe. In an opinion piece rife with ghost stories and misleading rhetoric, we find a laughable attempt to vilify Americans who have been home-building firearms since before shooting at King George's redcoats.

The article goes on to rely on the predictable hubris of Everytown for Gun Safety's president John Feinblatt saying "...the rise of ghost guns is the most dangerous risk we’ve seen in years." That's right, folks, we might have a ghost gun pandemic on our hands; and with current leadership clamoring to burn the Constitution in an attempt to ward off the Coronavirus, we know how they view the Second Amendment! If ghost guns are truly undetectable, how do they plan on detecting them in order to serialize them? Or if a component that's not a firearm has to be serialized and run through an FFL before it can be made into a firearm, what is to be done about all those high capacity assault shovels readily available at your local hardware store that one can finish into an AKM-type firearm?

Sen. Blumenthal’s attacks on gun owners and our rights are relentless. It is troubling that Congressional representatives see The People as the enemy and it's humorous that they view compliance with existing laws as exploitation of a sneaky loophole. In a moment of sheer brilliance, Blumenthal told the press over a call that “ghost guns are essentially crime guns waiting for crimes to happen." Isn't it already illegal to commit crimes? Do we really need to make crimes more illegal to commit?

As we've covered so many times before on this topic, S.3743 would seek to redefine "parts" as firearms, as if the ATF's definition of what a firearm is needs any more muddling. Maybe the Trump administration could just ask the ATF to legislate by changing their mind, again.

Purchasing regulated gun parts would generally require face-to-face transactions and background checks, subject these items to new age restrictions, mandate the use of FFLs to sell "firearm precursor parts" and new storage and handling requirements for sellers. This would also make replacing parts and routine maintenance all the more onerous for the average gun owner.

To help combat this outrageous bill FPC has established Take Action Grassroots Tools at GhostGunBan.com, where gun owners can use our form to contact Congress about this critical issue.


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