Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland filed a "constitutional carry" bill yesterday afternoon. The bill has been labeled a "priority" by the Republican Party of Texas.

Via Empower Texans:

Though lawmakers began filing legislation early Monday morning, it took until lunchtime Wednesday for one to file a bill concerning any of the five legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R–Bedford) filed “constitutional carry” legislation to remove the licensing requirement for Texans to carry a handgun openly or concealed. Stickland’s bill, HB 375, would maintain the licensing process for citizens who wish to obtain a license and enjoy reciprocity in other states.

“It is time in Texas to restore our Second Amendment rights to their originally intended level,” said Stickland. “No Texan should have to pay a fee or take a class to exercise their right to bear arms.”

Last session, lawmakers restored some of Texans’ gun rights by passing bills allowing licensed open carry as well as licensed concealed carry on college campuses. However, Stickland’s “constitutional carry” bill languished without a hearing and House Speaker Joe Straus (R–San Antonio) refused to recognize him to bring an amendment relating to “constitutional carry” to the floor of the House.

On gun rights, the bright red state of Texas lags behind eleven other states including the purple states of West Virginia and Missouri and the blue state of Vermont—all of which allow “constitutional carry.”

In May delegates to the Republican Party of Texas convention named the issue as the party’s number one legislative priority for the 85th legislative session.

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