While you are carrying on with your lives, you may have heard that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is going on this week. This is where Hillary Clinton will become the official Democratic nominee for president and the Democratic Party will adopt its official platform, or their wish list of new laws.

Look, I agree -  political conventions are long, boring useless affairs. Elitist politicians spend millions of dollars on party favors just to tell each other how great they are.

Hidden behind the slick speeches and fuzzy biographical videos is the party’s agenda. And this time, the Democrats wrote the most anti-gun platform in history.

On page 39 of the 2016 Democratic Party Platform, the Democrats have a section titled “Preventing Gun Violence.” This is important because according to an undercover video, a Democratic convention delegate ADMITTED that the Democrats use soft, non-threatening language to DECEIVE VOTERS.  

We know better. “Common sense gun legislation” is a dog whistle for TAKING YOUR GUNS.

The most anti-Second Amendment party platform in this country’s history is FULL of different ways gun grabbers look to strip you of your rights. They want to:

  • Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which would make gun makers liable for the crimes criminals commit while using their firearms.
  • Ban large capacity magazines.
  • Pass “No Fly, No Buy” legislation that strips people who are on a secret government list of their rights
  • Empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives so it’s easier for it to punish gun dealers who don’t comply with their new regulations.

But wait… just like in a cheesy infomercial, that’s not all! The Democrats also want to funnel even more money into “studying gun violence,” which we all know is code for funding their own anti-gun propaganda and parading it around like it’s scientific fact.

The assault on the Second Amendment is very clear and the enemy has made their intentions known. We at FPC are watching not only what the states are plotting, but also the cue they are getting from the federal level. This platform is a model for ALL gun grabbers to follow, and we must defeat them.