Senator Kamala Harris of California has just been named to the Senate Judiciary Committee, spelling horrible news for gun owners.

This is the same woman that said that members of Congress “need look at autopsy photographs from Newtown” before voting on a gun control bill.

As CA Attorney General, she defended discriminatory CCW laws but her greatest offense was presiding over a literal gun confiscation program that sent police to go door to door to take guns away from gun owners based on the highly unreliable “Armed Prohibited Persons System.” She later had to return many of those same guns back.

Now the Senate Judiciary Committee is no backbench, do nothing committee. It has has enormous power.

It is responsible for approving all federal court nominees, often being the difference between a judicial appointment being approved or blocked.

Having an anti-gun Senator, especially one with the record of Kamala Harris, sit on the committee responsible for these appointments means FPC's legal program to protect the Second Amendment becomes that much more important.

This committee has an enormous role in shaping our judicial system and taking on Kamala Harris will be no easy task, but here at FPC, we know her better than anyone.

Actually, we’ve sued her multiple times and we’ve WON.

That’s because we have one of the best, most robust and active legal programs in the country.

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Kamala Harris is a fierce, anti-gun warrior but we know exactly how to stop and defeat people like her!

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There’s no other way of saying it.

Without the support of FPC’s members and supporters, we just won’t be able to stand up and fight back against Kamala Harris and those like her.

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