Damn right!

Via Daily Republic:

I was never interested in guns. We didn’t have guns while growing up, except our trusty Daisy BB gun. My dad was pretty conservative and I remember him telling me that if everyone had a gun, no one would get shot. That seemed crazy to me and I disregarded it.

That was, until I grew up and actually needed a gun.

I fled my marital home in my mid-20s with whatever I could fit in a truck. My ex-husband immediately began a campaign of harassment and stalking that went on for years.

After numerous calls to the local police requesting assistance, I asked what I should do. An officer suggested I get a gun because situations like ours never end well for the woman. This advice stunned me. I was flabbergasted that a police officer was suggesting I should shoot my son’s father.

I opted to move 50 miles away to Solano County in the hope that the distance would quell the harassment, which it did for the most part.

That decision never sat well with me. What if I had not been in a position to move? I shudder to think of the consequences. Would I still be here?

Alameda County rarely issues concealed carry weapons permits. If I still lived there I am certain I would not have been issued a permit, even with countless police reports chronicling my harassment. The officer I spoke to with suggested, “It’s better to be judged by 12 men than carried by six.” Law enforcement was admitting they could not always protect its citizens. The irony blows my mind.

Living in Solano County, I have found myself in too many situations where I feared for my safety. I no longer go to the gas station or mall after dark.

I am tired of being afraid. Shouldn’t women be able to travel freely without worry in the 21st century?

As a result, I have begun training with a small Sig Sauer pistol. The kids and I took an NRA pistol safety course. I plan to take a defensive gun skills course next. Most importantly, I have started the concealed carry weapons permit process here in Solano County where I might actually get approved. I feel I am a good enough shot to warrant the privilege of a permit and our sometimes-hostile community warrants the extra protection.

What a relief to live in such a place where this is actually an option.

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