We just suffered a huge blow.

And we, just like you, are disheartened.

Prop 63 passed to regulate ammunition and turn millions of gun owners into criminals for merely possessing once "legal" standard capacity magazines with FPC and other gun rights groups being outspent 5 to 1.

It really does seem like it sucks right now in the once-Golden State.

But here’s the deal.

We can’t just up and leave California.

The plan of the anti-gunners all along has been to drop California. They want us to leave. Once our state falls victim to their insidious plans, then it spreads like a cancer to “freer” states.

So help us get ready to STOP Prop 63 in the courts!

We will STAND together with our members and supporters and we will battle Prop 63 RIGHT HERE.

In our home. On our turf.

There is no F****** way that we will allow Gun Grabbin' Gavin and his elitist anti-gun comrades to win HERE.

Like the 300 Spartans who fought at Thermopylae against a Persian Army made up of tens of thousands, we will keep fighting for every inch.

President Trump winning the election means that we can take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

And, if we need to, WE WILL!

Make the fight for the Second Amendment your Thermopylae.

Make sure they know you will not comply quietly and let your rights be trampled.

Fund our legal effort against Prop 63.

We may have lost a hard-fought battle, but we do not plan on losing the war for the Second Amendment.

In the words of King Leonidas of Sparta, “μολὼν λαβέ!" Come and take 'em Gavin.