Law Enforcement Union Leaders opposing gun rights? Sadly, it's more common than one would think. 

via The Columbus Dispatch

Gun politics dominated the Ohio Statehouse on Tuesday.

The day started with the introduction of a new, controversial “stand-your-ground” bill. It ended with committee passage of a bill that would slash penalties against conceal-carry permit holders who fail to alert police that they’re packing when lawfully detained.

The latter measure, House Bill 142, was a watered-down substitute for an original bill that would have wiped out penalties altogether. It did, however, cut the penalty for not speaking up about your guns from a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine to just a $25 fine.

To the frustration of some pro-gun lawmakers, the compromise wasn’t enough for some gun-rights advocates.

Chris Dorr, director of Ohio Gun Owners, asked, “Who is this committee trying to placate?” Answering himself, he said it must be people who don’t have “full restoration of gun-owners’ rights at heart.”

Gary Witt, director of Ohio Concealed Carry, said that when law-enforcement groups say it puts officers in danger when they don’t know about permit holders’ guns during detentions and traffic stops, they’re making “false claims.”

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