House Democrats may actually face repercussions for their staged "sit-in" to destroy the Second Amendment.

Via CNN:

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed that Democrats who took control of the House floor in June and held a 25-hour sit-in to protest the lack of action on gun control measures will face punishment soon for breaking House rules.

"There are numerous rules that were broken. That's not the way a democracy works and I think you will see appropriate measure taken in the very near future," McCarthy told reporters in the Capitol, adding, "Are you going to let the House stand with that behavior going forward? I think it would create real damage to the reputation of the House in the long term."

House Republican leaders are discussing several options as potential penalties, including voting on a resolution that condemns the sit-in or leveling fines for rule violations, according to a senior GOP leadership aide familiar with the discussions.

During the protest in June, dozens of House Democrats sat on the floor in the well, chanted and yelled when Republicans attempted to move onto legislative business, actions which are breaches of floor decorum.

House Rules include specific parameters for when a member can speak, and whom they can address from the podium in the front of the chamber.

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