Criminals are already lining up to turn them in. 

Via Conservative Firing Line: 

In an op-ed posted at the Portland Press Heraldin Maine, Greg Bates, a freelance editor and publisher at Common Courage Press who has been linked to writings by Ralph Nader, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and others, called for a complete and total disarmament of all civilians in the United States, the Second Amendment be damned.

“As students under fire in Florida speak out to end mass shootings, many hope this time it’s different. Indeed, their demand is compelling: Our representatives in Washington must act less like politicians and more like parents. Most of them have children; they should act like it,” he began, suggesting that American citizens are little more than children that need to be parented by elected officials in Washington.

“But a fuzzy demand for ‘gun control’ will likely squander this opportunity to save lives. To end gun deaths, we need to ban all civilian guns,” he stated.

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