More coverage of our victory against Annapolis' unconstitutional Taser ban. 

Via Capital Gazette: 

It is now legal to carry electronic guns, such as stun guns and Tasers, after the Annapolis City Council voted to repeal its ban against the weaponry on Monday night.

The repeal was passed with a unanimous vote after it was discovered the law could be deemed unconstitutional after a March Supreme Court decision last year. A lawsuit against the city, backed by gun rights activists, catalyzed the decision.

"Because of the lawsuit brought by this resident and foundation for gun rights, it is rather clear that it is presently ruled by the courts as unconstitutional against people's rights to bear arms," said Mike Leahy, city attorney. "It is highly likely we would lose this (lawsuit)."

Passage of the bill now means Annapolis residents can own stun guns although they are still held to the state law, which requires a person to be 18 or older and without a criminal record.

The lawsuit against the city was filed in late December by Annapolis resident Jeff Hulbert, who was also joined by pro-Second Amendment groups Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearms Policy Foundation. This lawsuit is similar to those filed against Howard County and Baltimore City.

Baltimore officials are considering legislation in response to the lawsuit. Howard County lifted its ban in response to the lawsuit.

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