SACRAMENTO, CA (April 30, 2018) -- They say good things come in threes, but if last Tuesday was any indication, sometimes bad things come in fours.

To that end, the California Senate and Assembly Public Safety committees voted separately to pass four vile gun control bills Tuesday that could have far-reaching implications for gun owners. Those bills are:

SB 1099 (Moorlach)

This bill would ban CCW-holders from carrying a firearm at a public rally. It would also effectively ban being in possession of anything that could be used for self-defense while you are exercising your First Amendment rights.

Craig DeLuz voiced Firearms Policy Coalition’s opposition to the bill, saying the bill would violate people’s First and Second Amendment rights.

“To sacrifice liberty for security is foolhardy because one will eventually end up with neither,”  DeLuz said.

Unfortunately, this point was lost on the bill’s author, who happens to be a Republican.

SB 1099 was passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee and now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Fight Senator Moorlach's attack on your 1A & 2A rights!

AB 2382 (Gipson)

AB 2382 would be absolutely devastating to gun owners. If passed, it would empower California to treat most gun parts as a firearm. This would mean no more buying gun parts online. It would mean people under 21 couldn’t even buy a magazine. And it would slap criminal penalties on buyers, sellers and manufacturers, including a 10-year prohibition on owning guns for violations.

FPC’s Craig Deluz also argued the bill would create an enforcement nightmare for the state Department of Justice. He said the DOJ would be asked to police a scheme that is already confusing, thanks to years of misguided and strangely-written laws.

“The fact is they were handed a pile of chicken manure and asked to make chicken salad.”

AB 2382 was passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and will be heard next by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

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AB 2888 (Ting)

If passed, AB 2888 would expand the class of people who can seek a Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO). Currently, a family member can petition the court to seek a GVRO, which would allow police to seize a person’s firearms without any due process.

But AB 2888 would increase the number of people who can seek a GVRO to include an employer, co-worker, or school employee.

The bill’s proponents tried to argue that AB 2888 wouldn’t be abused. FPC begged to differ.

However, Lizzie Buchen, Legislative Advocate for the ACLU of Northern California said it best:

“We feel this bill would have a discriminatory impact and would not protect the public.”

AB 2888 was passed in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. It now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Ironically, the vice chair of this committee happens to be Tom Lackey (R-Antelope Valley) who has previously voted to confiscate guns without due process.

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SB 1346 (Jackson)

This piece of legislation would ban bump stocks by defining them as “multiburst trigger activators.”

FPC has previously called out California Attorney General Xavier Becerra over this bill. Becerra has stated that California has banned bump stocks since the 1990s because, he claimed, they are defined as “multiburst trigger activators.”

Becerra has touted the confiscation of bump stocks in recent months. However, given that the state is just now having to pass a bill defining bump stocks as “multiburst trigger activators,” Becerra’s claims appear suspect.

Regardless, DeLuz argued “If California’s top law enforcement officer doesn’t know what is legal and what is not legal, that is something that should be of concerns to all Californians.”

SB 1346 passed along a party-line vote in the Senate Public Safety Committee. It is now slated to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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These bills are a California cannon blast aimed at liberty. We need you to OPPOSE them. There is STILL TIME to defeat these garbage anti-gun bills. Make your voice HEARD!