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SB 1346 extends the definition of "multi burst trigger activator" to include "bump-fire stocks" and "bump-fire stock attachments". 

It is a deeply troubling bill reflecting the startling reality that the State of California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, and his Department of Justice (DOJ) have been using and continue to illegally and unconstitutionally use the force of government to violate civil rights under the color of law or, at the least, that the department is bent upon wasting valuable taxpayer dollars in pursuit of efforts designed to undermine important civil liberties.

This bill stands as evidence of one of only two possible truths: (1) That Attorney General Becerra has been purposefully, willfully, and blatantly lying to the People of the State of California, he and his DOJ (and possibly local law enforcement and prosecutors) have been acting illegally in violation of the statutes and the state and federal constitutions, and that California law currently does not prohibit “bump stocks”; or (2) That SB 1346 is a complete and total waste of legislative resources and taxpayer money in the DOJ’s perpetual pursuit of “anti-gun” legislation. In the end, if SB 1346 is passed, both these disturbing notions will almost certainly be true.

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