Lots of trends start in California and then hit the rest of the country - including bad gun laws.

For years the anti-gunners have been trying to export the Golden State’s totalitarian gun regulation scheme to the rest of the country, but they haven’t had success at the federal level.

Now they’ve got a new tactic - attempting to export California’s “anti-crime” microstamping requirement that’s creating a de facto gun ban. In 2007, California passed a law requiring all new guns added to the “not unsafe” handgun roster to utilize microstamping technology. Since the technology is not commercially viable, manufacturers are not submitting.

The guns that were already on the roster were grandfathered, but if the manufacturer makes a minute change in the gun - even one that enhances safety - the gun must go through the process of being added to the roster again, and, due to the microstamping requirement, would fail.

As a result, no new guns have been added to the roster in years, and as older models fall off, the number of models of handguns available for purchase is heading toward zero, making this microstamping requirement equivalent to a gun ban.

What does that have to do with people in other states? Well, observing this success, anti-gun Congress members think this could be a fabulous way to disarm people across the country.

Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD), recently introduced H.R. 3458. According to his office, “the bill prohibits federal firearms licensees from manufacturing, selling, or transferring semiautomatic handguns, unless those handguns are capable of microstamping ammunition or face gradual fines.”

So, if semiautomatic handguns cannot even be manufactured without microstamping technology, and that technology is not commercially viable (besides being completely unreliable and not recommended by a California state-commissioned study), the net effect could be a nationwide gun ban.

And they’ll claim it’s all for “safety.”

That's why we need gun owners from across the country to stand with us and make sure California doesn’t export any more bad ideas.

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This is going to be a long, drawn out fight, but we intend to win.