Yesterday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee shot down a minor fix to SB 707, the bill that outlawed legal conceal carry on school grounds.

AB 2340, authored by Asm. James Gallagher (R-Nicolaus), would have allowed an individual who has a valid conceal carry license and an active domestic violence restraining order against another individual to carry their firearm on school grounds.

While FPC supports the full repeal of the original law, we agree with the author that AB 2340 is plain common sense. The committee, on the other hand, voted the bill down on a party line vote.

During the committee hearing, the Brady Campaign and the representative from the College and University Police Association were in full force to deny domestic violence victims the right to defend themselves.

The Brady Campaign even took a shot at rural CCW holders and the sheriffs that issue them, a point that Asm. Gallagher made sure to confront them on but which they refuted.

In his close, Asm. Gallagher asked, "Does a domestic violence victim have the right to protect themselves or not?"

The overwhelming number of no votes answered his question. If left up to this Legislature, domestic violence victims and all Californians don't have the right to protect themselves.

If you agree with us that AB 2340 was a simple, yet meaningful measure, sign our petition to let the committee know that we won't stand for their rejection of common sense when the bill is reconsidered.