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  • Bill: CA AB 2847 is a proposed amendment to California's Handguns Certified for Sale law
  • Position: Oppose
  • Sponsor: David Chiu
  • Summary:
    • AB 2847 may seem okay at first, relaxing the presently impossible microstamping requirement but this is NOT a step in the right direction.
    • Requires that new semi-auto pistols microstamp characters on one location of a fired case instead of two.
    • It's a legislative attempt to legitimize California's arbitrary and irrational "not unsafe handgun roster."
    • For any new handgun added to the roster, three older models would be removed, entirely arbitrarily.

8/31/20 UPDATE - This bill has passed and is now headed to the Governor for signing. IMMEDIATE action is needed to stop it.

Presently, for a handgun made after 2013 to qualify as "not unsafe," it must contain nonexistent technology to mark the fired case with an identifying series of characters on two locations. That is practically, and likely literally impossible to achieve.

Because of this ludicrous requirement that gunmakers include magic with their new handguns, the law effectively operates as a ban on modern handguns. Something the Court quite clearly thinks unconstitutional, as is close to the core holding in the 2008 Supreme Court case of Heller. AB 2847 is an attempt to save a clearly unconstitutional law, and further restrict the rights of Californians by removing 3 handguns from the roster for every allegedly microstamp-compliant firearm added, no matter how expensive or obtainable that firearm may be.

Use our form below to tell Gov. Newsom to VETO this anti-gun bill before it's too late!