Bill/Issue: CA AB 88 - Expands Definition of an "Assault Weapon"

Position: Opposed

Author: Committee on Budget

Summary: Amends a budget bill to sneakily introduce language expanding the definition of an "Assault Weapon." The bill would also expedite adoption of the ban on firearms precursor parts from 2025 to 2022.

CA AB 88 is the State's underhanded attempt to enact new gun control under the table. Should this legislation pass, the State would force you to register even more of your firearms as "assault weapons" or face steep penalties.

What's more, CA AB 88 would give you even less time to purchase firearm precursor parts like barrels and stocks before California starts regulating them. 

The anti-gunners are hoping to steamroll this anti-gun bill through the Legislature without you even knowing about it. And we cannot let them get away with this disgusting assault on your rights.

Please take action immediately using the form below. Contact the Legislature and tell them that they must vote NO on this blatant attempt to turn more gun owners into criminals.