All of California's gun laws couldn't stop the shooter from committing evil.

Via Breitbart: 

The Rancho Tehama gunman who killed five people and opened fire on a school proved anew that gun bans cannot stop a determined attacker.

After all, guns are banned from California K-12 campuses, but that did not stop Kevin Neal from transporting a gun to the school and opening fire.

Moreover, Neal was prohibited from firearm possession, yet that did not stop him from possessing guns with which to kill innocents.

According to KTAR, Neal had two rifles that authorities “believe” were assembled at home. Such weapons are often called “ghost guns” and they are legal to make if you are not a prohibited gun owner. Neal was prohibited from gun ownership, having “been ordered to give up all his guns this year under a restraining order issued against him after he was charged with assaulting two women who lived nearby.”

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