ALERT: MARCH 12, 2018

We hate to break some bad news -- but the NRA has gone "full semi-auto" in its disappointing and disgusting new video today. In it, NRA-ILA's Chris Cox expressed NRA's support of California-style gun control and awful bills that would put constitutional rights and property at risk. Rather than holding the line and staying unified with other gun rights advocates, the NRA is breaking formation and going rogue.

Guess that's what happens when you're actually part of the D.C. deep state swamp.

Apparently, the NRA is now fully supporting so-called "Extreme Risk Protection Orders" (ERPAs, or, in California, "Gun Violence Restraining Orders" / GVROs) and bills that will create new and unaccountable systems for the anonymous "swatting" of gun owners and their family members. We have fought ERPO/GVRO laws in multiples states and in D.C. We KNOW how these laws work.

Even if the NRA forgot that sometimes the only right answer to gun control and bad bills is "NO," we KNOW how these kinds of policies can and will be abused by anti-gun people and billionaire-backed astroturf groups.

At FPC, we fight for the WHOLE Constitution. That includes, of course, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. But it also means FREE SPEECH, DUE PROCESS, separation of powers, equal protection of the laws, limits on government, and other fundamental principles.

Friends, NOW is the time to stand strong for the Constitution and NOT give our enemies political cover.

AND -- FFS -- some of these NRA-supported bills could be voted on in a couple of days.


We need YOU to ACT NOW and help us FIGHT BACK -- please TAKE ACTION without delay!

Join the FPC Grassroots Army for our limited-time all-hands-on-deck dues of $15. 

- Send a message to Congress demanding they vote no on Extreme Risk Protection Orders/Gun Violence Restraining Orders, bills that will create systems for the anonymous "swatting" of gun owners, and FixNICS (they're trying to KILL off CCW reciprocity and ONLY pass gun control!)

- Call the capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell your senators to VOTE NO on S.2521, S.2135, and S.2495.

- Share this message on social media with your family and friends. 

Please, help us FIGHT THESE BILLS and defend your rights and property! Fundamental rights and our Constitution depend on it.


P.S. The video is here if you can stomach nearly 5 minutes of the NRA BS -- this could not have come at a worse time.