Chip In $10

Moments ago, the California State Senate just confirmed Xavier Becerra’s the state’s new Attorney General. 

The vote was lopsided in favor of Becerra on a message of “resistance” to the newly minted Trump administration.  Now all that is left is the formality of swearing in, which will take place tomorrow, January 24th at 11am.

Becerra, a vehemently anti-gun Congressman who recently bragged about his F grade from the NRA, replaces Kamala Harris, who was elected as one of California’s U.S. Senators. 

Harris, one of California’s most anti-gun politicians, enforced the state’s strict gun laws and even used the office of Attorney General to create gun laws out of thin air through the regulatory process. 

We expect Becerra to abuse the regulatory process at the same level, if not more. In turn, he should expect an equally passionate “resistance” from the Second Amendment restoration movement.

That is why we need you in the fight right now. 

Becerra will now become the chief defender of the state in all lawsuits previously filed against Harris and any lawsuits that may be filed in the future.  

He will be a formidable opponent due to his years as a politician and his knowledge of the law. 

Please help us ensure we have the resources we need to take on Becerra. 

It will take a huge war chest to go against the largest state government in America. 

We need to start building now!