A lawmaker in Hawaii is looking to legalize suppressors for firearms.

Via the Garden Island

“I think it would be huge for invasive species management because a lot of those animals are herding animals,” said Bronson Bautista, a hunter and owner of Kauai Armory. “In certain areas, once game hear (the sound of a firearm), they get spooked and run. Having something that would cancel or reduce the noise would be huge for any kind of eradicator or conservationist or a hunter.”

If passed, HB 1589 would help hunters further reduce the population of invasive species like feral pig and also reduce the risk of hearing loss from gunshots with the addition of noise suppressors to firearms.

Rep. James Tokioka (D-15), who co-introduced the bill, said legalizing noise suppressors would greatly assist with the population control of invasive species that contaminate watersheds and destroy native vegetation.

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