Great news from Bakersfield, CA!


Concealed carry weapon permit holders will soon be able to walk onto Kern High School District campuses without an internal screening process, board members decided Monday, ending a months-long debate that has fired up anti-gun advocates and divided a community.

Board members approved that policy 4-0, allowing CCW permit holders to bring guns to all high school campuses, district property and school-sponsored events. It’s a blanket policy, and although board members said that CCW holders must get individual permission from the superintendent every two years, there are no guidelines on determining who should or should not be granted approval. It doesn’t apply to district employees.

When asked about guidelines for granting CCW holders — none of which have been established despite the policy being enacted Monday — Trustee President Mike Williams shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s our opinion that being the superintendent’s call, but I think the superintendent’s pretty clear he’d need a good reason to deny somebody,” Williams said after the meeting. He called it a blanket policy.

The decision, sparked by SB 707, which bars guns from all public school campuses, allows exemptions for those CCW holders who are OK’d by district superintendents. For awhile, board members discussed the possibility of not requiring CCW holders to inform the district that they’d bring weapons on campus.

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