The 2018 legislative session in Olympia is right around the corner and the fake news cartel has again piled on with a chorus of elitist voices hell-bent on stripping all of us of the right to defend ourselves and our family.

With a recent wild-eyed op-ed calling to ban so-called “assault weapons,” the Seattle Times and the media at large has continued to remind us of their obvious political bias against the Second Amendment.

These shrill voices include many state officials and wealthy elitists with their own armed security teams.   

Currently, two state level “assault weapons” bans still await a vote here in Washington State: HB 1134 and SB 5050.

As we prepare for next year and the continued legislative session in Olympia and Washington D.C., please remember to keep your membership current.

Your commitment will enable us to continue combating the spin and keep you represented in our state and national capitals respectively.