So much for "protect and serve"...

Via Ammoland: 

The Virginia Beach Police Chief is actually calling on Congress to restrict our rights. His job is to enforce laws, NOT LOBBY TO STRIP THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS!

Chief Cervera wants Universal Background Checks, which he should know do NOT stop criminals from getting guns. He can ask his counterpart in Chicago.

He also wants to ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and wants to reinstate the so called “Assault Weapon Ban” !

He claims these extreme measure are “reasonable.”

You go first, Chief. Prove you’re not just another elitist hypocrite, and take away your officers' semi-automatic rifles and any magazines that will hold more than 10 rounds, that includes those guns and magazines both at home and on duty. If we don't need them to protect ourselves, neither do you.

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