And the media will continue twisting these facts.

Via Ammoland: 

On 31 July, 2018, Heather Nauert briefed reporters on issues at the Department of State. She answered questions about the settlement of the First Amendment lawsuit with the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed. The State Department Press Briefing was posted by the Department of Defense videos. The pertinent exchange is from 5:59 to 10:54.  Link to Defense Department video

Since the year 2012, (the files were initially put online in 2012) the files have been available online and have been legal for U.S. citizens to download and print.

The only reason for the State Department came to be involved is to prevent the transfer of the technology overseas, so that the wrong people from acquiring overseas would not obtain the technology. The State Department does not regulate domestic technology.

The Department of Justice advised the State Department to settle, as they would likely lose the case on First Amendment grounds.

It is legal for American citizens to download these files and to make guns with 3D printers.  They have been doing so, legally, for at lest five years.

These facts are not in dispute.

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