The number of gun owners in restrictive California is growing! If you're a new California gun owner and you haven't joined us yet... what are you waiting for? Become a member of FPC now and join the fight for civil rights in the Golden State!

Via Ammoland:

Substantial numbers of new gun owners are buying guns as well. In a study of California gun buyers, where all gun purchases are required to go through government approved gun dealers, the percentage of new gun owners varied from 32 percent to 40 percent when looking at periods before the Newtown (Sandy Hook) killings in December of 2012 and the San Bernardino terrorist attack in December of 2015.

A reasonable hypothesis is that new gun buyers would increase after highly publicized incidents. In another recent study, California data suggested that 59 percent of the increase in gun buyers after the Newtown (Sandy Hook) killings, the increase in buyers was mostly (59 percent) made up of new gun owners.

If even a third of gun purchases over the last decade were new gun owners, that would be a whopping 39 million new gun owners.

California is different from the rest of the United States. Gun regulations are much more restrictive there than in most states.

The California data may not be representative of the United States as a whole. but the number of new gun owners found in the California data is another indication that gun ownership rates in the United States are increasing, not declining.

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