Someone dropped off an AT-4 at a San Francisco gun-buyback event. For those of you unaware, an AT-4 is a single-shot, non-reloadable weapon. After you use it once, you can't use it again. Someone got a GREAT DEAL.

Via Ammoland: 

“'Bazooka' turned in at San Francisco gun buyback event,” ABC7 breathlessly claimed Saturday. “More than 270 guns were turned in during a weapons buyback event … where police collected handguns, shotguns, high-powered rifles, and even an AT4 anti-tank weapon.”

Really? So San Francisco’s finest just took a weapon of war capable of wreaking untold carnage “off the streets”? A “bazooka”…?

Hardly.  Someone (perhaps with SFPD? We'll never know because of “no questions asked.”) turned in an inert tube, incapable of firing anything.

But don’t take my word for it:

“The launcher and projectile are manufactured prepacked and issued as a single unit of ammunition, with the launcher discarded after a single use… After firing, the AT4 is discarded. [T]he AT4 outer tube is built to take the stress of just one firing; it is not reusable and cannot be reloaded.”

They’re for sale as novelties (where they have not been banned by hysterical edicts) because they’re just tubes, albeit neat-looking ones for collectors who appreciate such things.

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