What's next? 

Via Ammoland: 

Liberal politicians and commentators are currently inflamed, angry at the perpetrator of last week’s newspaper-office shooting in MD.

Of course, they’re not angry with him for murdering five people. What makes them crazy is that he didn’t use an AR! They’ll never forgive him for using a common, sporting, pump-action shotgun, a gun they had never suggested banning, until now!

Until now, liberals insisted that incidents like the MD shooting were “impossible,” without an AR, Kalashnikov, et al

Until now, liberals piously assured us they wanted to ban only “certain” guns (guns that must be particularly effective because, coincidentally they are the very ones carried and used by their own bodyguards, who will not be affected by proposed anti-gun legislation).

Of course, the “List” of guns to be banned from ownership by us peons grows by the day, but pump-action shotguns were never slated for prohibition, until now!

With the MD shooting, however, many liberals are now finally prepared to tell us the real truth: They Want To Ban All Guns, And Always Have!

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