I bet you are sick of being nickel and dimed every time you go to buy a gun.

When you go to purchase one, you automatically have to assume that the cost is going to be at least $50 higher than the sticker price.

First you have to purchase your “Firearms Safety Certificate” if you don’t have one. That’ll run you $25.

Then you have to pay your “Dealer Record of Sale” fee. There’s another $19.

Oh, and don’t forget about sales tax. Tack on an additional 8-10%.

Last but not least is the $5 fee for the Firearms Safety Enforcement Fund.

That last fund is the new subject of the recently amended SB 843.

SB 843, which was just amended Sunday when no one was watching, will allow the State to raise the Firearms Safety Enforcement Fund Fee by the rate that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is increased… in perpetuity.

In case you were following last week, the Legislature just voted to raid this fund, and now they are seeking a way to increase revenue for it.

While it may seem like the fee is the most insignificant of the bunch, it has the potential to grow exponentially.

If you judge 1982 to 2005, a span of 23 years, the CPI indicated 95.3% inflation.

If this bill had been active in 1982, the fee associated with the Firearms Safety Fund would have roughly doubled.

And it may keep doubling every few years.

We always talk about the immediate threat to gun owners by the legislation they are passing now.

This bill is one where they will seek to price you out of buying a gun over years and years.

The fee may just be annoying now, but when a poorer person is trying to buy a gun to defend themselves, they may not be able to afford all of the associated fees when they are increased annually.

Help us stop this terrible idea before it can start to take