On April 19th, 1775, the first shots of freedom in the Revolutionary War were fired at Lexington and Concord, when British troops were sent in to confiscate American weapons. Today, the California Legislature unleashed GunMeggedon.

Like our Revolutionary era brethren, we were outnumbered and outgunned by big government, anti-freedom advocates like the Brady Campaign, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and their allies in the Kafkaesque named "Public Safety" Committees.

But we were able to score a major victory!

The committees passed 8 of the 10 anti-gun bills that were up before them.

AB 2607, the bill  that will allow your boss to take away your gun rights, was held over and will be heard tomorrow.

And AB 2459, the bill that we called the worst bill of the session that sought to put all gun dealers out of business and record everyone who pulled in to the parking lot of a gun store, was killed in the Privacy Committee today!

The bills that passed out of committee today were:

-AB 2510 eliminates uniformity for CCW permits, putting permit holders and law enforcement at greater risk.

-SB 880 immediately bans and forces the registration of millions of semi-automatic weapons in common use.

-SB 894 mandates lost and stolen reporting within five days and penalizes individuals for reports that are turned in even a day late.

-SB 1006 allows the University of California to conduct biased gun violence research.

-SB 1037 extends the statute of limitations on certain non-violent firearms related crimes, mostly having to do with paperwork.

-SB 1235 is a measure that we believe will eventually include mandatory ammo tracking and purchase permits.

-SB 1407 is De Leon's version of the "Ghost Gun" ban.

-SB 1446 bans all "standard" capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

These bills now head to the Appropriations Committee, where we are confident we can get some of them held up due to fiscal concerns.

But we need your help to keep fighting. We ask you to sign a lot of petitions, make a lot of phone calls, and send a lot of emails, but they really do matter. When there is a Legislator on the ropes, it helps to have thousands of voices that can stand with them against the strong anti-gun movement. In fact, Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) mentioned the large volume of people who contacted his office in opposition to AB 2459 before he voted no on the bill.

April 19th... Lexington and Concord... Sacramento and GunMegeddon... Both of these mark the first shot in a war for our freedoms and both mark a day where a rag-tag group of Americans were able to score a major victory.

The gun rights movement will be back and thanks to you, we will have even more numbers than before.