Email EVERY LEGISLATOR IN CA using the form below!

The legislative session in California is coming to an end. This means a whole slew of anti-gun bills will soon be headed to a floor vote and passed onto Governor Brown for his signature. This is our last chance to stop these disastrous gun control bills in their tracks. Fellow patriot, we need YOU to take action to prevent these bills from passing!

Defeat is NOT inevitable just because you live in California! Time and time again, we've seen that flooding legislators' inboxes with emails and petitions WORKS! And contacting them takes less than a minute of your time.

Here are the bills you need to oppose RIGHT NOW:

  • SB 1100: Deprives millions of their 2A rights by prohibiting those under 21 from buying guns and ammo
  • AB 2888: Expands an already abusive gun confiscation scheme by allowing co-workers, educators, and mental health workers to request Gun Violence Restraining Orders (which allow your guns to be seized without due process)
  • SB 221: Bans gun shows at the Cow Palace... and taking yet one more step toward banning gun sales everywhere
  • SB 1177: Rations guns by prohibiting the purchase of more than one firearm in a 30-day period
  • SB 1200: Expands Gun Violence Restraining Orders to gun parts like magazines
  • SB 1346: Bans bump stocks (even though AG Becerra says California has already banned them)
  • AB 2103: Imposes burdensome training requirements (minimum 8 hours training, live fire exercise) for CCW applicants
  • AB 1968: Denies people their 2A rights FOR LIFE if they are admitted to a mental health facility twice in one year

Tell the CA legislators that you won't stand for further infringements on the Second Amendment. Take action NOW!