Local criminals approve of the new gun-free zone. 

Via ABC 7 NY: 

Just steps away from the Prudential Center in Newark, inside a high-rise full of luxury lofts on Columbia Street, a small notice barring guns inside the property recently triggered a huge response from tenants.

"When I saw that letter, I just thought, wow, that's kind of an invasion of people's privacy," said Vu-An Foster, who has lived in the apartment building for several years. "Like, how do they know? Are they going in people's apartments looking for guns? Like, where did that come about?"

Foster and others say the new firearms policy was implemented without any cause or warning. A small paper notice suddenly appeared in the elevator just a few days ago, warning that violators will face eviction...

Alexander Roubian, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, feels the new policy is a clear violation of the tenants constitutional rights to bear arms. His group plans to challenge the building's owner, RPM Development, in court if need be.

"Their tenants are scared they're going to be evicted and kicked out, not to mention they've put a bullseye on everyone here as an easy target," Roubian said.

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