Well, the university policy violates the First Amendment so...

Via ABC: 

The Kent State University graduate who tweeted a picture of herself carrying a rifle and a graduation cap saying "Come and take it" in May plans to hold a Second Amendment rally at her alma mater on Sept. 29. But the university said not so fast.

According to Kent State, the university told Kaitlin Bennett that she must "cease and desist" from advertising her planned rally on campus because she has not registered the event or received the approvals required by university policy.

The university said the rally advertises several non-university affiliated speakers, which also does not meet its policy. KSU said a registered student organization or university department must sponsor the event.

KSU said a group planning a counterprotest received the same information.

However, Bennett tweeted at Kent State after the university told her to "cease and desist" and said the rally will still take place.

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