You can’t make this up.

Fairfax City (VA) Mayor R. Scott Silverthorne has everything a gun grabber could ask for. He’s a mayor of a prominent Washington, D.C. suburb, a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and her anti-gun agenda.

Now, he’s headed to likely prison after getting caught in a police sting for dealing meth via arranging casual sexual encounters between men.

Via The Washington Post:

Scott Silverthorne built a reputation as a civic pillar of Fairfax City, Va., over three decades, helping bring a park to the affluent suburb’s downtown and championing other improvements during his stints as a City Council member and mayor.

But even as he was the public face of the city, police said, Silverthorne was privately leading another life online: using a website to swap methamphetamine for sex with other men.

That other side of Silverthorne, 50, burst into public view Friday, as Fairfax County police announced that he had been charged following a sting in which they said he agreed to give an undercover officer the drug in exchange for an orgy at a Tysons hotel.

Silverthorne was ultimately charged with felony distribution and a misdemeanor possession, which forced him to resign his post in disgrace.

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