The goal of indoctrination and political motivation in American schools is apparent now more than ever. Many have encouraged student “walkout” events and demonstrations that advocate for more gun control while suppressing opposing viewpoints. In response to these abominable double standards, FPC and FPF have published a guide to protect the rights of pro-gun students to speak freely about their beliefs and express them in the same manner as their left-leaning counterparts. Our 21 page publication, available for free download at, is entitled “K-12 Schools, Free Speech, and the Fundamental, Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms: A Guide to How Students Can Use Their First Amendment Rights to Defend and Promote Second Amendment Rights.”

This invaluable guide serves many purposes. It not only informs students about how they can avoid forced participation in anti-gun demonstrations, but it also helps them plan and execute alternative demonstrations that promote Second Amendment rights. In addition, this guide provides numerous sample letters for notifying schools of a student’s disagreement with anti-gun viewpoints, requesting information and policies, and ensuring that school officials respect the rights of all students. It also explains how one might acquire public records to investigate the use of government assets or funds for the advocacy of gun control. Lastly, this guide includes a log that can be used to document gun control events at schools as well as relevant provisions of the United States Constitution for reference.

The primary purpose of public education was made secondary as political agendas were held in higher regard than the success of students. Moreover, American taxpayers are funding this breeding ground for dependents of the government and opponents of freedom. FPC and FPF have developed a resistance to such a disastrous political machine, and this guide explains the plans of action.

Furthermore, if a student or their parent believes they were discriminated against, threatened or disciplined for peacefully expressing their views, punished for refusing to participate in a gun control walkout or demonstration, or threatened with law enforcement action for their pro-gun speech, they can submit a report to the FPF/FPC Legal Action Hotline at or by calling (855) 252-4510. School officials have overstepped their bounds by inhibiting pro-gun students from expressing their constitutionally protected beliefs, and they must be held accountable for their actions.