Via 11 Alive: 

Fayette County is taking action by adding a long rifle inside every middle and high school in the county. It will be locked in a safe in the School Resource Officer's (SRO) office.

"It's just another layer of protection," Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said, spokesman for Fayette County Schools.

Berry-Dreisbach says the gun has always been on school property, but before, it was locked in the trunk of the SRO's car, an inconvenient location if there's every a shooter inside the building.

"That's wasting some precious time," she said.

The safe will be hooked up to an alarm and camera system, and it will sit behind a locked office door. Not even the principal will have the code to get in.

"So if anyone tries to get in there, we're going to know about it," Berry-Dreisbach said.

The SROs do carry a pistol on their belt, but the hallways in Whitewater High, where 11Alive got the tour, are very long. They want to make sure they have a weapon that could reach a shooter at the other end.

The idea is to meet a potential shooter with at least their level of force or greater.

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