Chip In $10

There are several critical bills in Washington that have advanced past the policy committees and are in the Rules Committee waiting for a floor vote. These bills are liable to be amended on the floor or die before the next cutoff of March 13, but we can’t take that chance.

Please take a moment to personally contact your state representatives below.  It is very important they hear from you immediately today on these critical bills.

  • OPPOSE: SB 5062 and HB 1068 – Banning so-called “high capacity” magazines of 10 rounds and above.
  • OPPOSE: SB 5434 – Implementing “gun free” zones in public parks, libraries, day cares, also stripping away part of Washington’s longstanding state firearms preemption statute.
  • OPPOSE: SB 5174 – Mandates unspecified and potentially highly expensive training and “live fire” drills to obtain a Concealed Pistol License.
  • OPPOSE: SB 5061 and HB 1739 – Attacking First Amendment activity associated with firearms and possible criminal penalties on possession or manufacture of firearms parts.
  • OPPOSE: SB 5027 and HB 1225 – Disarming domestic violence victims without due process.