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Bill/Issue: Universal Background Checks

  • Position: OPPOSED

Congress is set to debate so-called "universal background checks" again this session, but this time the misguided proposal appears to have bi-partisan support. President Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, many in the GOP, and nearly the entire Democratic Party appear willing to debate and pass this legislation.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Background checks are unconstitutional and they do not work. Criminals have consistently passed such checks and then gone on to commit heinous crimes. Therefore, only law-abiding gun owners will be subject to this scheme.

Most disturbingly, however, universal background checks would effectively create a backdoor national "gun registry" the federal government intimate knowledge of your firearms. And as we know, a registry can be a prelude to confiscation. Coupled with proposed "Red Flag' laws, universal background checks would create the perfect storm and just the opportunity the government is looking for to take away your guns.

Universal background checks will not improve public safety. But they will infringe on the fundamental rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Politicians should not be rewarded for taking advantage of emotion and tragedy by passing even more senseless gun control. Indeed, FPC recently noted in a statement:

"It is disingenuous and immoral to ratify and incent evil acts of the very few by responding in kind with broad restrictions on the fundamental human rights of the People that pre-exist government itself. We will not accept this as a means of affecting change in a free society. The loss of human lives will always affect and change us, but they must never be allowed to alter our fundamental principles, freedoms, and commitment to individual liberty."

Universal background checks will not deter crime, are bad public policy and violate the Constitution.

Please oppose them by telling President Trump and the Senate to vote NO on any attempt to pass Universal Background Checks.

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