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Bill/Issue: Dozens of Texas bills affecting the right to keep and bear arms and other liberties

Position: See our bill list for individual positions

Summary: Dozens of bill have been pre-filed for the new Texas legislative session affecting the 2A and your other fundamental freedoms. From background checks to the use of force, these bills demand your attention. 

The floodgates have opened, and dozens of new bills affecting the RKBA and your other liberties have been pre-filed for the new Texas legislative session. Many of these bills are extremely anti-gun and would institute firearm registration, "assault weapons" ban, magazine restrictions, and even limit your right to carry and exercise self-defense. 

There are simply far too many bills to cleanly summarize here, so we've created a special page where you can monitor all the Texas legislation that FPC is tracking. Here, you'll find our individual bill summaries, as well as position statements. 

However, we encourage you to use our omnibus Take Action form below to contact the legislature and let your representatives know you oppose the flood of anti-gun legislation overtaking Texas.