Bill/Issue: HB1215 Enhances Existing State Preemption Law

  • Position: Support
  • Author: Representatives Barnett, Brown (20th), Shanks, Scoggin, Rushing, Williamson
  • Summary:
    • Existing law limits the authority of City and Counties from creating arbitrary restrictions on carrying firearms
    • Adds state agencies to the current preemption law
    • Safeguards the rights of the people of Mississippi
    • Creates a process for challenging unlawful restrictions on firearms by these entities
    • Passed the House by 81-36 before COVID-19
    • Presently with Senate committees to be considered by June 9

The rights of the people are meant to be sacrosanct. We're supposed to understand that some things-like our right to keep and bear arms-are just too important for interference.

Still, we've watched in horror as our countrymen nationwide have had their rights trampled over. Be it in the name of public safety, a distorted view of "common sense," or for no reason at all.

If we are to have a functional republic, the people need to feel secure in their rights. The government agreeing to tie its own hands when it comes to arbitrarily restricting our rights is a small, and very reasonable, concession to ask for. HB1215 is a step towards that end.

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