Bill/Issue: HB140, HB334, HB746, and HB781 are pro Second Amendment bills that would add protections to the right to keep and bear arms in Louisiana state law.

*UPDATE* 5/29/2020 - These bills passed the Senate floor and will be returned to the House for consideration.

*UPDATE* 5/28/2020 - These bills passed Senate committees and go to Senate floor for a vote.

  • Position: Support
  • Author: Blake Miguez (R-49), Bryan Fontenot (R-55), and Raymond Garofalo, Jr. (R-103)
  • Summary:
    • HB140 - 'State Preemption' would not allow local governments to enact an ordinance or regulation that is more restrictive than state law regarding the possession of a weapon or firearm in specified commercial and government buildings.
    • HB781 - Removes authority of the Governor, Parish President, Municipality CEO, or Chief Law Enforcement Officer to impose regulation/control of firearm possession, storage, display, sale, transport, and use under emergency powers, including dangerous weapons and ammunition.
    • These proposed bills would streamline the law and avoid a confusing patchwork of regulations.
    • HB781 reinforces that firearm related businesses are essential for purposes of safety and security, regarding state emergencies or disasters.
    • HB334 removes an arduous series of requirements to carry in places of worship.
    • HB746 allows a person to carry a concealed firearm during a mandatory evacuation or state of emergency.

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