Last year, gun grabbers in the legislature created the University of California Gun Violence Research Center and awarded funding to a noted anti-gun researcher at UC Davis.

Now they want to require the DOJ to share data from secret Gun Violence Restraining Order hearings with these researchers - without requiring them to share the data with other researchers, including pro-Second Amendment researchers.

They know that it’s wrong to restrict access to publicly-funded data, so they’re trying to push SB 536, which guarantees this preferential treatment, through the legislature.

The bill should have been heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee Monday, but they just moved it forward to the full Senate without a hearing.

The time to stop this discriminatory bill is NOW.

If SB 536 passes, the DOJ will be empowered with the discretion to deny requests for data from independent researchers. And you know what that means - if the database could possibly show that California’s overbearing laws don’t prevent gun violence, it won’t be shared.

If data is publicly funded, it should be available to all who request it.

Contact your legislator today and tell them you oppose this attempt to limit access to publicly-funded data to only those who agree with a certain political agenda.