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Summary: Challenge to Wake County, NC Sheriff Baker's refusal to accept new applications for pistol purchase permits (PPP) or concealed handgun permits (CHP).

Plaintiffs: Kelly Stafford, Grass Roots North Carolina, Second Amendment Foundation, and Firearms Policy Coalition

Defendants: Gerald M. Baker, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Wake County, North Carolina

Litigation Counsel: Adam Kraut, Firearms Policy Coalition Director of Legal Strategy; Raymond DiGuiseppe, The DiGuiseppe Law Firm, P.C.; Edward H Green III, Coats & Bennett, PLLC.

Docket: E.D. NC case no. 5:20-cv-00123 | CourtListener Docket

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Key Events & Filings

2021-6-14: Order Granting Consent Order

2021-6-14: Joint Motion for Entry of Consent Order, Consent Order

2021-3-2: Answer to complaint

2021-2-18: Order on Motion to Dismiss

2020-6-18: Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

2020-4-28: Motion to Dismiss

2020-3-27: Complaint & Exhibits

Related News Releases

2021-6-14: Consent Decree Entered in FPC Second Amendment Lawsuit Against Wake County, NC Sheriff

2021-2-20: Federal Court Rules FPC Second Amendment Lawsuit Against Wake County, NC Sheriff May Proceed

2020-3-27: FPC, GRNC, SAF File Federal Lawsuit Against Wake County, NC Sheriff Over Constitutional Violations - Firearms Policy Coalition