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Take Action to Save Suppressors

The voices advocating for a suppressor ban are now building toward a horrifying crescendo.

First, President Trump floated the idea of a suppressor ban.

Then his administration leaned on the Supreme Court to reject a legal challenge regarding suppressors and the NFA.

And now a U.S. Senator has introduced legislation that would ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of suppressors. 

What the President and Congress are doing to the Second Amendment is nothing short of “Death by a thousand cuts”. With each new “cut” they place millions of gun owners at risk of violence, imprisonment, and loss of property.

And make no mistake, unless we can stop this bill or convince Pres. Trump not to sign it, even more American patriots will be at risk of prison time, huge fines, and gun prohibition.

We must stop the bleeding.

We must end this bi-partisan assault on the Second Amendment.

We must take a stand and tell this President and Congress “No More. No Suppressor Ban.”

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