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Summary: Federal 2A and 14A lawsuit challenging California’s recently-expanded Roster Handgun Ban, which requires the removal of three firearms for every one added, as well as the ban on self-manufacturing handguns not on DOJ's Roster

Plaintiffs: Lana Rae Renna, Danielle Jaymes, Hannah Spousta, Laura Schwartz, Michael Schwartz, Robert Macomber, Clint Freeman, Richard Bailey, John Matthew Klier, Justin Smith, John Phillips, PWGG, L.P., Cheryl Prince, Darin Prince, North County Shooting Center, Inc., Ryan Peterson, Gunfighter Tactical, LLC, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO), Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

Defendants: California Attorney General Rob Bonta; DOJ Bureau of Firearms Director Luis Lopez

Litigation Counsel: Raymond DiGuiseppe; Michael Sousa

Docket: S.D. CA case no. 3:20-cv-02190 | CourtListener Docket

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Key Events & Filings:

2021-5-14: Answer to First Amended Complaint

2021-4-23: Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss

2021-3-1: Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss

2021-2-15: Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

2021-1-25: Motion to Dismiss

2021-1-4: First Amended Complaint

2020-11-12: Objection to Notice of Related Cases

2020-11-10: Notice of Related Cases

2020-11-10: Complaint

Related News Releases:

2021-4-27: Federal Judge Allows FPC Lawsuit Against California Handgun Roster Ban to Move Forward

2020-11-10: FPC, SDCGO, CCRKBA, SAF Sue to Strike Down Expanded California Handgun Roster Ban Laws, Regulations