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You may have seen our requests and calls-to-action on social media or in emails seeking potential plaintiffs for bringing challenges to laws that infringe on individual liberty, specifically in defense of the Second Amendment, and related issues.

But in order to bring legal challenges, we need people who have been negatively affected by a law, regulation, policy, or other governmental action to step up and join a case as a named plaintiff -- someone directly asserting a claim against a government or government actor. Take a look at the FAQ for more about what being a plaintiff entails.

Even if you don't meet the criteria listed below, you can still help by spreading the word, particularly if you know someone who might meet the criteria. Don't meet the criteria but know someone who might? Ask them to contact us!

If you meet any of the criteria below, please contact our legal team immediately by filling out our Hotline form.


Prospective Plaintiff FAQ

What’s it cost?

If selected, there is no cost to participate as a plaintiff. Legal fees and costs are covered by Firearms Policy Coalition consistent with the required representation agreement.  

What are my responsibilities as a plaintiff?

First and foremost, we need you to be truthful, accurate, and thorough with the information you provide. If you’re unsure whether a piece of information is relevant, tell us! More information is always better. While some things may seem irrelevant or inconsequential, they may have a big impact on the case and your ability to participate as a plaintiff.

Next, we need your attention and attentiveness. Your FPC Legal Team is there for you when you call or email, and we need the same from our plaintiffs. This just means keeping an eye on your phone and email, and responding to our messages as soon as possible. We try to give you as much time to reply as we can, but legal deadlines can be unforgiving. So we ask that you please reply to us as soon as possible, and bear with us if we're in a rush to get your response. If you have a preferred method of contact, please let us know. 

Do I have to go to court?

For the majority of our cases, our plaintiffs are not required to go to court. This is because the types of legal challenges we often pursue are determined "on the papers," meaning that after we file the lawsuit and the defendants respond, the outcome of the case is generally determined by the court without the need for a trial.

In rare cases, plaintiffs may be asked to appear for a deposition. A deposition is an opportunity for the defendants to ask you questions under oath. It typically happens in the conference room of a lawyer’s office, although with current pandemic and social distancing requirements, it is far more likely to occur via Zoom or some other form of teleconference. FPC Lawyers would help you prepare and appear with you at any deposition. 

Even more rare, is that your case goes to trial. If that were to occur, it is possible you would be called to take the witness stand and give testimony. Again, the FPC Legal team would make sure you are properly prepared and would be present at any trial. 

What if I have other questions?

If you are selected as a plaintiff, our attorneys would be happy to answer any questions prior to your decision to participate.