Leading the reactionist bandwagon of tyrants sprinting to pat themselves on the back saying "I did something" is... Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, not much of a surprise, we know. Just like her fellow California colleague, Senator Diane Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi thinks she knows better than you do on what you should be allowed to possess when exercising your fundamental Second Amendment rights. Trying to redefine the invented term "assault weapon," she is pushing a new draconian "assault weapons" ban. This new ban could go even further than the one pushed by President Clinton in 1994 and could prevent you from being able to customize your firearm to your preferences. 

Legislation like this would set a crushing blow to our rights. We need to stomp out this legislation the second it pops up. Pelosi and her gun-grabbing buddies in congress are looking to pass legislation like this as soon as they can so we need to act now. 

Join your fellow patriots and sign this petition below saying that you strictly oppose this legislation. 

As an ardent advocate for our civil rights, especially those lined out in the Second Amendment, I oppose this new reactionary legislation and all attempts to pass a so-called "assault weapons" ban.