An alarming new bill in Massachusetts, H 4038, has been introduced by State Representative David Paul Linsky (D-5th Middlesex).  His bill aims to amend the already enacted "assault weapons" ban and make it an outright semi-automatic firearm ban.  You read that right. The "assault weapon" ban was not enough for some in Massachusetts, so now they are going after semi-automatic firearms. 

The bill directly adds the following language to state law:

"Large capacity weapon”, any firearm, rifle or shotgun: (i) that is semiautomatic with a fixed large capacity feeding device; (ii) that is semiautomatic and capable of accepting, or readily modifiable to accept, any detachable large capacity feeding device; (iii) that employs a rotating cylinder capable of accepting more than ten rounds of ammunition in a rifle or firearm and more than five shotgun shells in the case of a shotgun or firearm; or (iv) any rifle or shotgun containing a semiautomatic mechanism.

This bill would strike all references to "assault weapons" and insert the words "any rifle or shotgun containing a semiautomatic mechanism" in its place.  Additionally, H 4038 would completely change and expand the definition of "large-capacity weapons".  This is just another bridge too far for gun control advocates in Massachusetts.  Please let your state elected officials know how you feel about this infringement by using our outreach tool TODAY!