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Instead of creating a thoughtful, clear, and uniform statewide standard for CCW training, AB 2103 would replace one discretionary training regime in Penal Code § 26165 with another. AB 2103 is not an evidence-based (or even well-drafted) measure built on broad stakeholder input.

AB 2103 would add new mandates for training on “firearm handling” and “shooting technique” but provides no standards for these terms, resulting in hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the state having to draft, review, adopt, and monitor their own standards in addition to thousands of individual firearm trainers and firms.

AB 2103 would require “live-fire shooting exercises on a firing range.” This is vague and ambiguous, and casually enacts a burdensome new mandate then leaves it up to hundreds of different law enforcement agencies to determine how it should be interpreted and applied.

AB 2103’s proposed requirement for “a demonstration by the [CCW] applicant of safe handling” is nonsensical and redundant: it completely ignores the reality that people who purchase or receive a firearm must already have performed, to State standards and a DOJ Certified Instructor’s satisfaction, a “safe handling demonstration as required in the California Penal Code. 

AB 2103 ignores California’s Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) requirements for firearm purchases and transfers. California law already requires that people possess a Firearm Safety Certificate in order to purchase or receive firearms.

Under AB 2103, someone applies with two or more of the same type of handgun – Glock Model 19s, for example – would necessarily be required to do the same “test” (whatever that might look like under AB 2103’s vague construction) multiple times with the same type of (or a functionallysimilar) firearm.

California now has so many firearms laws covering so much ground that AB 2103’s authors and “expert” institutional sponsors apparently neglected to read the rest of the Penal Code before undertaking this entirely-unnecessary effort. This is, without question, one gun bill that was dreamed-up by people who have no firearms knowledge, expertise, or training themselves.

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