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Assembly Bill 2103 (AB 2103) would require hundreds of local carry license issuing authorities to gin up yet more local policies, and by imposing additional requirements on local licensing authorities, this bill would create yet another state-mandated local program.

AB 2103 is all problem and no solution. Rather than establishing one thoughtfully-crafted statewide standard for carry license applicants under Penal Code § 26150, et seq., it would impose new mandates on hundreds of local sheriffs and police chiefs, who would then have to turn around and create yet-another local policy that would vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

As pointed out in the Assembly’s August 23 floor analysis, the “[l]ocal costs to comply with this measure would be subject to reimbursement by the state to the extent that the Commission on State Mandates determines that this bill imposes a state-mandated local program.” And “[c]onsidering that there are 58 county sheriffs and a large number of police chiefs that issue CCW licenses, initial costs to comply with this measure could be substantial in the aggregate,” with impact to the general fund and/or local funds.

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