The Biden Administration has nominated former ATF agent and Giffords anti-gun activist, David Chipman, to be Director of the ATF. Chipman was an ATF agent for 25 years from 1988 to 2012, including serving as a case agent in the aftermath of the Waco siege.

After leaving the ATF, Chipman immediately began his anti-gun activism for Bloomberg-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns where he advocated for “assault weapon” bans, magazine capacity restrictions, and upholding the NFA. Since 2016 Chipman has been been a
Senior Policy Advisor for Giffords anti-gun campaign.

Chipman has also strongly argued for bans or restrictions on so-called “ghost guns” targeting an American tradition of home gunsmithing. Meanwhile, he has the audacity to call himself a “proud and responsible gun owner.”

In 2019, he told a U.S. House committee, “Simply reinstating the 90s-era ban on assault weapons is not enough...Instead, we should regulate a broader class of firearms, including assault weapons manufactured before the law's enactment...while banning the future manufacture and sale of these firearms.

During a BBC interview that same year, Chipman expressed concern over the fact Federal agencies are unable to seize firearms from individuals who use 'hate speech' on social media: